Κεκλιμένη τροφοδοσία ανεβατότα


Seamless Material Transfer Machinery

Belt conveyors belong to the category of continuous transport machines.

They are used for the uninterrupted transport of materials from a pick-up position to a yield position, which can be spaced from a few meters up to a few kilometers through a belt. This belt, which serves both as a carrier and as a traction element, slides either on a smooth surface or on a roller with a flat or chisel configuration and is wrapped around at least two drums, the drive drum and the return drum

The conveyor belts are conveyors for bulk materials or materials in pieces, horizontal or inclined transfer.

They are constructions that require minimal maintenance, have minimal wear and require low power. The limitation of their use lies first in the steep (steep slope) and secondly in the transport of hot loads. To achieve high angle transfer, we use heel straps.

Trust Alpha TEK, in Thessaloniki, to design and manufacture various types and sizes of conveyor belts.

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