Contemporary & high specification bottle lines for beer, water, wine, oil, juices etc.

Bottling lines are industrial plants where, through their production lines, they fill a product, originally stored in tanks, into a large number of bottles.

These bottles may be a glass bottle, a plastic bottle, an aluminum can, a barrel, a carton, etc. Packaging sizes vary depending on market demand.

The bottles are then grouped into packages of 4, 6, 8, 10 etc. bottles. Packaging wrap is made of nylon or carton.

The packages are then grouped and placed in pallets for easy transport and distribution.

The bottling lines are made of stainless steel and during the bottling there are quality checks on the bottles as well as after the product has been filled in.

The most popular products that are bottled are : beer, water, wine, oil, juices etc.

Trust the company Alpha TEK, in Thessaloniki , to build bottles of technological excellence!

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