Pallet Transport Machinery

Pallet conveyors are pallet trucks where there are packaged products for transportation and distribution.

Pallet conveyors can use chains or rollers as conveyors. Unlike rubber bands, their lengths are not long, and short-range drives are required to control the transfer of products from automation.

Typically, pallet conveyors are used at the entrance and exit of the production process.

They are constructions that require minimal maintenance, have minimal wear and require low power. They are almost always used horizontally and sometimes have a slight angle of descent or rise.

The last pieces at the descent point may have no movement and are used for stacking. For loading and unloading of pallets in pallet conveyors usually used forklift vehicles (Clark).

As long as the pallet conveyor during its operation works with its covers installed, it does not pose a risk to the safety of workers.

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