Autogenous Welds / Heating element butt welding
Electrode Welding

When we want to transfer a solution of acid or when the environment is acidic then we use plastic materials either in sheet or tube form.

The type of material to be used depends on the type of solution to be transferred and on the acid content.

Plastics meet in PVC, PP, PPR, PE, PVDF, PPH quality. These structures are used in water treatment systems, irrigation systems, food industries, chemical industries, steel mills, in acid transport and storage.

Their construction and installation requires specialized personnel and specialized machinery, available from Alpha TEK in Thessaloniki.

The methods of welding of these structures are two:
Heating element butt welding / socket welding: After cutting and cleaning the welding surface, the material is heated and pressed for some time by a special machine.
Welding with an electrode: After cutting and cleaning the surface to be welded, a craftsman welds a plastic electrode at the preheating time.

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