High Quality Rollers & Gearmotors

The roller conveyors are transportation machines for pieces through rails by means of rollers. They are distinguished between those that have movement and those that do not (movement is achieved by the weight of the pieces or by external forces).

The roller conveyors can carry mixed loads with a smooth surface bearing such as boxes, tubes, etc. If mixed loads are to be transported without smooth bearing surfaces , then special handling or storage structures are required.

Their construction is simple. We equate the rollers in the chassis of the machine, which are driven through a chain by a drive . If there is no drive gear and gravity drive, if the length is long then brake rollers are required . In this case the cathode slope is usually between 1.5° – 5°.

Since rollers work with their bumpers installed, they do not pose a safety hazard to workers.

The roller conveyors of Alpha TEK, in Thessaloniki, have a sturdy frame and high quality rollers that ensure smooth transportation with security and stability!

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