Integrated Screw Conveyor Systems

The screw conveyor carry bulk materials in horizontal or inclined transport.

They consist of a stationary vessel and a moving helical spindle for the transport of materials.

Screw conveyors are among the oldest transport devices. They are easy to install and practically consist of three parts: the closed casing (craft), the transport bolt and the drive.

The transport process is accomplished in a closed casing (craft) which, depending on operating conditions, is made of dust, rain, gases or pressures, so that dangerous and non-hazardous products can be transported without difficulty . Full coverage of the helical shaft provides accident protection.

In practice, the use of screw conveyors is extremely high. They carry powders, granules and small pieces of material that can be transported over long distances.

The screw conveyors are small cross-section machines and require a little space. For this reason, they are especially suited to unfavorable room conditions.

Screw conveyors – integrated screw conveyor systems for the transfer of powder and granular materials are constructed from Alpha TEK in Thessaloniki.

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