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The steel constructions are usually used for the construction of buildings, battens, scaffolds and as supports.

The materials they consist of are usually steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel. Steel protection is usually achieved by painting a primer and then finishing. Before the above process, the steel needs to be sand blasted to clean its surface from rust, oils, etc.

The material of the ironworks as a raw material is found as trade iron, rail, rail, trunk, special sections for purlins, seamless tubes, special grade sheets, DCP plates, shipbuilding steel, etc.

The profiles that can be used in constructions are: Angles, Tees Sections, Squares, Rounds, Flats, UPN Channels, IPN Joists, Joists IPE, beams HEB, beams IPB, hollow sections, seamless Pipes.

ALPHA-TEK‘s experienced and specialized staff and its advanced mechanical equipment guarantee the implementation of high quality steel construction, high functionality and reliability.

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